Who We Work Best With

Individuals & Families in Transition

The cornerstone of our practice is guiding clients facing a major transition. The loss of a loved
one, retirement from your career, or major health challenges can be daunting if you are not
adequately prepared. During these times, trusted advice and counsel is critical. We take the
time to listen and understand our clients most valued goals. And our Planning Process provides
a way to simplify our client's lives by creating a clear roadmap for their future. We value the
role as Navigator in this process for our clients.

Small Business Owners

We highly value the hard work, dedication and commitment it takes to be a successful
small business owner. Our focus is to design and build financial plans for the owners and
decision makers to maximize their personal net worth on a tax-advantaged basis. This
includes strategies for succession 
planning and business transition to maximize company
and business continuity.

Corporate Executives and Managers

We focus on designing insurance, investment and retirement strategies that complement the benefits package of our corporate clients. We incorporate into our Financial Planning Process the Stock Options, Restricted Stock Awards, Executive bonus plans and Pension plans to optimize the outcome of the Plan's success.